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Training services, technical consultancy and printing and consumables tests are available for printers and their suppliers and print buying clients alike. Flexotech serves flexography companies, from prepress to production and sales, in the fields of corrugated boxes, flexible packaging and labels. Our experts work tirelessly to offer cutting-edge services appropriate to the realities of the flexography and packaging industry.


Our team favours an approach combining theory and practice. In our experience, this facilitates learning, increases motivation and has a greater impact in terms of improved productivity.

In training, consultancy and testing alike, the QIGC does everything possible to bring you the latest technological advances in flexography.

We offer all the necessary tools:

  • The fastest, most accurate layout techniquesPress adjustments to speed up and improve production
  • Press adjustments to speed up and improve production
  • Working methods standardization
  • Reduction of production process variables
  • Computerized control of solid colours
  • Process colour management
  • Implementation of new systems
  • Ink chamber management
  • Optimum ink usage (formulations and mixed inks recycling)

Technical consultancy

Technical consultancy on site


Our specialists can come to your premises to support managers and production staff. This means that the technical advice given is always adapted to your production methods and equipment. Full or half days of consultation are available.


Technical consultancy permettent: analyse and solve technical production problems, assess and improve working methods, obtain objective advice on how to increase productivity in specific market niches, find the right suppliers to meet your needs, help companies that want to start out in flexography (purchasing new equipment, finding suppliers, etc.).

Continuous follow-up service

Following on from Flexotech’s training and consultancy programmes, a CONTINUOUS FOLLOW-UP service is available to assist with the application of all of the concepts taught on the theoretical and practical courses.


Once a week, our specialists can come to your company during production to take part in and provide follow-up on solutions to problems and improvements to working methods suggested by the Flexotech team.

The continuous follow-up service and real application of training allow for:

  • increased employee productivity
  • reduced makeready time
  • reduced wastage of substrates and other consumables
  • continued high levels of employee motivation
  • and maximum impact of your investment

Flexo tests and trials

  • Test procedure according to a plan produced with the clien
  • Test formula adapted to meet your needs
  • Flexibility in the choice of consumables (inks, damping solutions, blankets, etc.)
  • Fixed parameters for meaningful comparison
  • High-quality expert report including easy-to-analyse graphs
  • Ink, paper and quality laboratories at your service
  • Le recours à des laboratoires indépendants offre la plus grande objectivité
  • The use of independent laboratories offers the greatest possible objectivity.
  • Sophisticated specialist equipment improves quality control of your consumables and contributes to increased productivity.

Our training portfolio offers various contents, including:

Basic flexography training:

Ideal for all staff at a flexography company, from the receptionist to the sales team, directors and anyone involved in customer service or raw materials purchasing. A useful overview providing an understanding of the industry, the process and the general implications.

Intermediate flexography training:

Factory directors, supervisors, press operators, assistant press operators, plate setters and anyone involved in flexographic ink and plate purchasing will benefit from this training. The intermediate course covers the mechanical structure of presses, inking systems, anilox rolls and the composition and use of flexo inks and plates.

Advanced flexography training:

Depending on your company’s requirements, Flexotech can provide in-depth training focusing on the corrugated box industry, flexible packaging, labels or other areas. Sections are available on colour control and management, four-colour process printing, bar codes, quality control, increased production and more.

Presentation on colour measurement, control and management:

The Flexotech specialists can give a comprehensive presentation on the importance of managing and controlling colour, from design to proofs and production, for faster, improved production at lower costs. You will receive objective information about the theories, measuring instruments and options available.


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