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Lise Labonté

Training Services manager


Telephone: 514 389-5061, ext. 230

Email : lise.labonte@i-ci.ca


The proliferation of new technologies means that companies linked to graphic communications, urgently need to extend and update their knowledge. The ICI meets this need with a wide and varied program of specialized and customized courses.



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Public seminars


Public seminars are offered periodically and bring together a small number of people to promote learning. The subjects tackled cover all aspects of the graphic communications industry. (All of our public seminars are presented in French but also available as customized sessions.


Consult our training session calendar (in french)


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Customized training


Investment in training is an investment in the development of the people in the company, who are vital elements of the growth and success of any business. In your premise or in ours, using your equipment or ours, our specialists make sure they meet your needs using a customized approach. With more than a decade of experience in the training sector, we have acquired a sound reputation and know-how that contribute to the development and growth of your personnel.


Knowledge and skills Evaluation


To co-ordinate its growth and evaluate its training requirements, a company needs a true picture of the skills it has. Initially, the QIGC offers companies an accurate diagnosis of their training requirements. Then it aligns current skills with desired future skills in conjunction with the company and its employees. Courses are then developed specifically to meet the identified needs.


Tax Credit


You could save 40% tax credit as a College Center for Technology Transfer (CCTT) recognized by the Government of Quebec, ICGQ is a training center in graphic communications that qualifies for tax credits substantial. Tax credit for technological adaptation services: a simple form! For further information:


www.revenu.gouv.qc.ca keywords: tax credit for technological adaptation services.


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